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This is the second single from the upcoming album “Ruin Everything” which hopefully will be released later this year (planned date December 2024). The track is about  making a sudden change in direction upon a realisation whilst travelling to work on a daily basis . As per the 1st single ‘The Fear Inside ‘, this track is also a lighter  approach to HEDRA’s usual style but with a slightly less commercial arrangement in sounds and, was previously released as a demo on the 2022 E.P. The Pecking Order mixed by Kozi Studios by Hedra’s original bassist at the time, this now revamped version produced at innersound audio by Sam & Joe Graves the new sound gives us the punch it needed for release. 

 “This song is dedicated to the people that go to work for pittance, the ones that struggle for their arts, emphasis on the song was to tell people that we have to ‘get going’ if we’re going to make a difference, if something doesn’t work then try something new ‘try plant the seed’, those words came about from watching a friend take a sudden interest in plants and environmental input, after constantly pointing out a poor working environment he decided to change it” says Jim 

Drums were recorded live at Parlour Studios Kettering in September 2023 , famous for working with metal bands of a dystopian nature such as ‘Napalm Death’ completed the home recorded Guitars, Bass & Vocals over a 12 month writing period.

The single cover photo features headshots of friends on social media as emphasis that we are all heroes capable of doing whatever we want to.

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