Formed in 2014 by guitarist Kamil Korsak with Jim Marten on vocals, Hedra released their first EP, Mind Dimension in 2016. The band lineup has been through various changes in the intervening years, but with JamesRedden joining in 2022 to bash the skins and Daniel Older taking over bass duties in 2023, Hedra are on a mission to bring their music to every corner of the UK and beyond. With influences ranging from Iron Maiden to Muse to Soundgarden to Mastodon, the unmistakable and individual sound which conjures images of dark dystopian times makes Hedra stand out from the crowd while also appealing to those outside of the metal sphere.The band have a strong work ethic and an insatiable hunger to perform live, entertain, share their music, and help the metal scene become stronger and more open to everyone. Passionate performances captivate audiences, with the camaraderie displayed by the band adding to the overall sense of belonging. Marten is an assured and commanding frontman who rides the waves created by Korsak and Older’s intricate guitars and Redden’s drums; always leaving a crowd wanting more. Hedra have released numerous singles and two further EPs since Mind Dimension, Polaris in July 2022 and The PeckingOrder in November 2022. Each EP the band has released has been based on themes that tell a story. The most recent release centres around the handling of the pandemic. Hedra were semi-finalists in the Northamptonshire heat of Bloodstock’s Metal to the Masses competition in June 2023 and played the infamous Cart & Horses in London (birthplace of Iron Maiden) as part of Metalfest London III in July 2023.


Jim Marten - Vocals

Kamil Korsak - Guitar

Daniel 'Squeak' Older- Bass

James Redden - Drums


Contact & Management:


HEDRA 'H' Logo by Andy Pilkington @verymetalart
Hedra Jackdaw created by Artist Kamil K Karpinski ART

Photos by Al Pulford www.rockphotography.co.uk

Hey all I'm Jim, Born in Norwich in the old N&N in 1974 sometimes I have my what the fuck moments in life, sometimes I doubt myself and think "what the fuck am I doing with my life" like we all do but ultimately I know, I wanted to sing in a band!“Born in 1974 a long time past, in a small remote village in Norfolk, raised and hidden from exposure to the might of the World, eventually I discovered that there is something out there for me, I wanted to meet my friends through Art and music”.But let’s put it like this, I’m not playing anyone else's songs to get by or earn money although I could when I’ve had enough, I’m not following a trend because it’s the latest sound, I’m not telling you to like it, I’m just making noises from what comes from inside, but that’s me, do as you wish to be happy, if you want to be a tribute to Led Zepplin in a different shape then go for it. I want to deliver in music, the diversity that should exist in all of us, the desire to become more than the average working ant, not famous, just more than an average hand against what my parents expected a human to do, neither are creative, I found my own thing, that I feel exists in how I write and sing my stuff. I’m not the cleverest, I’m somewhat ignorant and old fashioned, I’m not socially bound, I’m an idiot that likes a lot of noise but arrogant I am not, there’s a fine line between being narrow-minded and an overactive ego, I am not the typical front man, I never sang in a band until 1995, I use Shure SM7b for recording and EVND967a for my live shows. Former Guitarist for 'Livid Mayhem 1991', 'Incendiary 1992', 'Grey 1993, 'SuperNoiseGod 2003', 'If Fire Would Fall' 2004, Black Swan '2009'Former Vocals 'Subvert' 1995 - 2001'Current Vocals Hedra 2014 to date.

My name is Kamil Korsak and I am the guitarist and founder of the band Hedra. My motto has always been to make my own music, original and unique. Therefore, my inspirations and influences come from almost all musical genres. I prefer my own music, but when it comes to making covers, I always try to make them my own. In my work I am inspired by music and bands such as RATM, DM, Meshuggah, Mnemic, Kobong, Slipknot, Korn, Pantera, Flapjack, Acid Drinkers etc. but , also images and everyday situations. It's hard to imagine but the Feeling and emotions in the song are the most important. I was born in Poland in 1979. I had my first contact with the guitar at the age of 16 and we have always been close to each other since then
Until 2007 I played in bands: Pawns, Kill machine (temp), 2T4DCT, Laos. Rock and heavy sound dominated from the beginning. In 2007, I created the Hedra project with the idea of ​​creating a team. The concept was simple. Do something different than the others.
Unfortunately, the move to Cambridge UK made the Hedra project impossible. I was still creating and writing music for various projects.
At the beginning of 2011 I joined the Encryptaeon team.

Encrypaeon was a Cambridge based modern metal band combining influences from groove metal, death metal, black metal and deathcore. The main focus of the style was heavy but catchy riffs surrounded by atmospheric keyboards and heavy growled vocals. "

In 2014, the situation forced me to move to Norwich UK. There, for the first time, I managed to find future members of Hedra. The project turned into a team. Unfortunately, only Jim Marten remained from the original line-up.
The team has been creating to this day.

Hey I am Daniel Older AKA Squeak I am from the lovely city of Norwich.  

I was born in kent and lived in London my family moved to Norwich when I was 4 and I have been here ever since. 

I had a bit of a chequered childhood always getting into trouble. Started playing bass when I was in high school and for the most parts kept me out of trouble and focused.  

I have been in and out of bands  throughout the years (my high school band had a questionable name Beanflick please forgive me for the name we were young and immature  however we did play at our leavers assembly which was my first big performance. Dreams of the fallen was my college band were I met some amazing musicians we all became good mates and played a few local venues until naturally the band split as we all had different interest, This land laid waste was one of my most technically challenging band played with some good lads for a few years recorded an ep and then after recording the band unfortunately split as members left who were integral, Armed with books was a fun project with friends and was fun we enjoyed Playing some quite alternative music & Liberosis was my most recent project where I met some genuinely nice lads we spent a lot of time in rehearsal rooms had an amazing sound and set of songs played a few gigs but it wasn’t meant to be), most of these were metal bands apart from Armed with books which was quite alternative rock and Beanflick which was pop punk covers mainly being first band .  

My college band was my first foray into metal music and well I haven’t found a music I enjoy playing more. The energy and feel of the music and when you can get a crowd moving to the music it’s truly an amazing feeling.  

I was lucky enough to meet HEDRA for my next adventure into metal.  

I put a post-up looking to get back into music as I had been out of the band scene for a while.  

Met with Kamil and Jim was given the opportunity to learn and the songs and rehearse with the lads. Time to make some heavy music for the masses! 

James here! From hard hitters Numb, to Hardcore/ Thrash crossover Cerebral Scar, most of my band related stuff has been on the heavy side to say the least, so add in some prog and Hedra is the perfect fit for me. 

I've been playing drums since I was 10, but the thing that made me want to play the drums was... Guitar Hero, intuitive answer I know. 

Well, I started to learn guitar, so that partially related, but... There was a drum kit in my tutor's office, which I took to much more readily. 

Here I am 17 years later excited to get back to playing live shows, with 4 other musicians who are equally as excited. 

HEDRA-Kamil- Photo by Al Pulford @rockphotography.co.uk
HEDRA-Dan2- Photo by Al Pulford @rockphotography.co.uk
HEDRA-Dan- Photo by Al Pulford @rockphotography.co.uk
HEDRA-James- Photo by Al Pulford @rockphotography.co.uk
HEDRA-Photo by Al Pulford @rockphotography.co.uk
HEDRA-Kamil2- Photo by Al Pulford @rockphotography.co.uk
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